Wedding packages Mexico, special wedding cocktail package in Oaxaca, Mexico
Wedding packages Mexico, cocktail weddings in Oaxaca, Mexico
Our wedding cocktail package at Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles-SPA, Oaxaca, Mexico
Our special Oaxaca wedding cocktail package at Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles-SPA, Oaxaca, Mexico
Our special Oaxaca wedding cocktail package is perfect for your wedding event in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We will arrange everything down to the last detail (including the church ceremony if required) for your special day. Our hacienda hotel has large gardens surrounded by colonial patios, indoor and outdoor banquet facilities, car parking facilities, a gourmet chef with top quality kitchen staff and the best table and wine waiters in Oaxaca.

Your wedding at Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles-SPA will be an unforgetable event that you have always dreamed of.

Please see below for the details of this special Oaxaca wedding cocktail package:
The special Oaxaca wedding cocktail package, package details

Our special Oaxaca wedding cocktail package can include any of the following services:
(you will be sent a quote for your wedding event according to your needs, just let us know what you require).

oaxaca style cooking classes and Spa / Temascal services on request.

Our wedding cocktail reception package can be designed specially for you, we offer special menus and beverages, choices include International, Domestic or Oaxaca style.

  • Use of one of our two special events rooms, "Maestro Morales" or "San Felipe View" or our hotel garden (for special event rooms a 100 person restriction applies, our hacienda garden can accommodate up to 400 wedding guests). For this package we require a minimum of 15 hotel rooms occupied.
  • For this package we require a minimum of 15 hotel rooms occupied for 50 to 100 invitees, Or all 23 rooms for more than 100 invitees, for this we offer a better rate of discount.
  • Weekday discount rates fo Sunday check-in and check-out before Friday, up to 45% discount.
  • Salon Morales for the civil ceremony on your request.
  • Special selection of beautifully colored table cloths on request, some designs at extra cost.
  • Tables and chairs mounted and decorated any way you choose.
  • Service in all guest occupied areas, garden, garden terrace, salones.
  • Security during your event.
  • Coat and bag guarding service with security.
  • Captain for every 50 wedding guests.
  • 3 hours of cocktail and 10 canopes per person. ($17.00 US plus tax)
  • 1 complimentary room per 10 rooms occupied in the hotel (restrictions apply based on rate structure).

  • Wedding decorations on request.
  • 3 hours of live musical trio.
  • Special lighting on request.

  • Menus available for the Oaxaca wedding cocktail package
    Choose from one of the following reception cocktail menu:

    International, National and Oaxacan cheese table
    Camembert, Oaxaca cheese, Brie, Roquefort, Cobra and more choices (maximum of 8 different cheeses).

    Cocktail snacks $18.00 US per person
    Oaxaca cheeses, Salami, Canadian lomo, chile sausage, mixed kebabs, ham and pineapple (select a maximum of 8 choices, 5 pieces per person).

    Oaxacan / Mexican cocktail snack choices
    Tacos, chapoline truffles, tostaditas, small quesadillas, tostadas with salmon mousse and 5 more Oaxacan specialities.

    International cocktail snack choices, $21.00 US per person
    Fried squid, shrimp cocktail on black german bread, pate on Melba toast (maximum of 8 choices, 5 pieces per person).

    Selection of sweets
    We offer traditional Oaxacan sweets and home made sweet pastries and cakes.

    Please add 18% tax and 15% gratuity to all prices.

    Please note that we will take care of all the above wedding details that you require so that you will not have to worry about the details of your wedding, just leave all the planning to us. We are here to serve you and make your life easier during your very special wedding day in Oaxaca, Mexico.

    With regard to wedding cocktail menus, all menus can be subject to change according to your approval and price range, some products can be subject to change according to season. All food and drink products for your wedding banquet are either imported or from Mexico.

    The hotel can cater for up to 250 guests, for more than 250 guests we offer a high quality catering company and the hotel will charge garden rental.

    Special Note:
    We offer special low prices if you are planning your wedding on weekdays, arrival Sunday and departure by Friday or before. You can save up to 35-40% off a room block for 15 rooms or more depending on the season.

    We can also help in reservations at nearby hotels for extra guests. We will arrange for Eco/ Adventure tours, points of interest, historic sites for individuals and groups.
    See our policies for special events.
    Quotes and additional information for weddings and special events
    To send for a quote or more information about your wedding or other special event at Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles-SPA, please follow the link below:

  • Quotes and more information about weddings and special events
  • The capacities of Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles-SPA
  • Salon Morales: 10 to 30 guests.
  • Salon San Felipe: 2nd floor panoramic views, dinner style 80 guests.
  • Open garden terrace with umbrellas: 60 guests.
  • Glass covered garden terrace: 50 guests.
  • Open garden terrace and glass covered garden terrace: 150 guests.
  • Hacienda gardens: 100 to 400 guests.
  • Hotel rooms and suites available: 23 accomodating up to 60 guests, we also have other quality hotels nearby that can acomodate more wedding guests, we can make all the necessary arrangements for reservations at other nearby hotels.
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